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Sol-Air Mobile 3-in-1 Air-Conditioning Unit (with Cooling, Dehumidifying, and Ventilating Functions)


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  • Mobile with Casters

  • Slim Vertical Design to Save Space

  • Save Energy by

    • using it where you need it the most

    • using Timer

    • not using Central Air-conditioning

Price Each: $525.00 (New)

Item#: A7200

Out of Stock!


Price Each: $445.00 (Refurbished)

Item#: A7200R

Out of Stock!

(Refurbished units have the same 90-Day Warranty as new units. These are either returns or factory-reconditioned. They are in perfect working condition and like new. They may have scratches or hairline cracks on the outside body. Most importantly, they are inspected to verify they are in perfect working condition before shipping. They are usually shipped in brown boxes or in re-cycled original factory boxes)


This mobile/portable air-conditioning unit has 3 main functions: cooling, dehumidifying, and ventilating. Because you could eliminate unnecessary area by carting it to where you need it, you could save energy and money. You can also set the unit to turn on or off as long as 18 hours using the Timer Mode. It is useful if you want the unit to turn on before you wake up or to turn off after you go to sleep.

Cooling – This is a true cooler using compressor and refrigerant to cool the ambient air. However, the warm exhaust air must be discharged out of the room in order to achieve optimal result. Generally, with a cooling capacity of 7200 BTU/h, this unit can function optimally in a 300 sq. ft (max.) room. However, optimal room size will be compromised by several factors: heat loads (appliances, computer, audio/video equipment, TV, etc.), wall materials (insulation, how many and what kind of windows and doors, etc.), ceiling height, air humidity, initial ambient temperature, and how air-tight is the room. Water tank and side outlet are provided to receive the condensation. Climate Control Mode lets you set the ambient temperature. The unit will shut off automatically when set ambient temperature is reached or turn on automatically when ambient temperature is above the set temperature.

Dehumidifying – It definitely will make you feel better on a humid day. Water tank and side outlet are provided to receive the condensation.

Ventilating – Four fan speeds help directing air as needed. Automatic louver directs air horizontally and manual louver helps directing air vertically. These selections work simultaneously with other functions.


Control Panel (Top)

Power: On/Off

Function: Cool, Dehumidify, Fan

Fan Speed: Low, Medium, High

Timer: On/Off, Max. of 18 Hours

Louver: On/Off

Drain Tank Indicator: On/Off


Capacity: 7200 BTU/h*

Input Power: 692 W

Rated Current: 6.2 A

* measured at ambient temperature of 86º F and Relative Humidity of 70%

Dehumidifying Capacity: 1267 Oz/Day
Ventilating Input Power: 40 W
Body Plastic with 4 Casters
Directional Air Control

Horizontal: automatic louver

Vertical: manually adjustable louver

Drain Tank ¾ liter, automatically shut off when full
Alternate Drainage Condensation can be drained to an outside water tank using the side outlet, for longer hour of operation without interruption due to full water tank
Timer Turn on/off as long as 18 hours
Air Filter Washable and replaceable
Exhaust Duct 6.5 ft. of extendable and flexible duct provided to discharge warm air from the back of the unit to outside of room

Body: Light Gray

Front Panel: Light Gray

Front Grille: Black

Control Panel: Black


Voltage: 115 V

Frequency: 60 Hz

Phase: 1

Dimensions H32"xL17"xW13"
Net Weight 74 lbs.
Refrigerant/Charge R22/1.1 lb.
Design Pressure

Low Side: 180 psi

High Side: 358 psi

Approval UL
Manufacturer Quality Assurance ISO 9001
Manufacturer GREE
Warranty 90-Day Limited Warranty



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