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Cable Light System w/ 3x Frosted Stepped Glass Mini Spot on 8"/14"/20" U-Bars Fixtures

(Available Colors: Blue/White/Yellow/Green/Orange)

Note: No extra handling charge if you choose "mixed" colors, but you need to specify them and the quantities of each color (up to 3 per system) during checkout (input as message). Substitutions are allowed only for fixtures of equal or lower value. LED spec here.


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Click diagram to see installation!

Stepped Frosted Glass Mini Spot on 8"/14"/20" U-Straight Bars



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To purchase


Power (Magnetic Transformer):

105W Max., 12V, Plug-in or Hardwired

Rated Voltage:



Frosted Glass Mini Spot on 7"/14"/20" Straight Bars, Chrome, 


Clear Insulated, 2.2mm

Mounting Hardware:

Wall Hooks (4), Tighteners (2), Clamps (4), Anchors (4)

Light Bulb:

Halogen MR16, 20W, 12VAC


90-Day Limited Warranty

Upgrades & Accessories!


  • Do-It-Yourself  Kit Set (click here for installation instructions) Note: Remote control switches available!

  • Complete set-up kit, light bulbs included (see table below), LED spec here.

  • Halogen low-voltage (12V) systems provide excellent illumination and save energy

  • Frosted Stepped Glass Mini Spot on Straight Bars Fixtures (3.5" shade, chrome bars) can be hung anywhere along the cable and adjusted up and down

  • Halogen  MR16 bulbs (directional) shipped, interchangeable with JC (natural incandescent, non-directional), see picture below for more details (Note: MR16's emit reflected light thru the parabolic shield as well which will turn the color of the shade to a slightly different color: blue shade may become purple and white shade may become orange-red)

  • Interchangeable fixtures  (see other fixtures)

  • Maximum span (33' of cable shipped in kit) between the two surfaces is about 15', please allow for sufficient slack to connect to transformer, longer cable is available

  • No hard-wiring required!

  • (Option) Plug (into standard wall outlet) and light up! RemoteSwitch11.jpg (10363 bytes) Remote Switches are available to control the plug-in setup using a remote control (see below or click here for more info!) 

  • Possible to connect multiple systems together to form one continuous system. See how!

  • Optional kit available for transformer stand off connections

  • More fixtures and accessories available for purchase 

  • On-line support, help is also just one toll-free call away!

  • Everything you need to set up is included:


What is included!

Click on accessories to enlarge!

Click here to see how they are installed!


Click on the Cable Clamps to see how they are installed!



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