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Cable Light System w/5x Frosted Stepped Glass Mini Spot Fixtures

Available Colors: Blue/White/Yellow/Green/Orange

Available Cable Separation: 3" or 4"

Item#:L1174-5IP (w/Blue Frosted Glass)


Item#:L1174-5IW (w/White Frosted Glass)



Note: No extra handling charge if you choose "mixed" colors, but you need to specify them and the quantities of each color (up to five per system) during checkout (input as Special Instructions). Substitutions are allowed only for fixtures of equal or lower value. LED spec here.


Click diagram to see installation!

L17-IY.jpg (8995 bytes)


L17-IG.jpg (8419 bytes)


L17-IO.jpg (8654 bytes)


Stepped Frosted Glass Mini Spot

(bulb not included)

L17-IY.jpg (9127 bytes)  

L17-IW.jpg (3815 bytes) L17-IP.jpg (4555 bytes)

To purchase


Power (Magnetic Transformer):

105W Max., 12V, Plug-in or Hardwired

Rated Voltage:



Frosted Glass Mini Spot, 3.5" dia., Chrome, 


Clear Insulated, 2.2mm, 

Mounting Hardware:

Wall Hooks (4), Tighteners (2), Clamps (4), Anchors (4)

Light Bulb:

Halogen JC, 20W, 12VAC


90-Day Limited Warranty


  • Do-It-Yourself  Kit Set (click here for installation instructions) Note: Remote control switches available!

  • Complete set-up kit, light bulbs included (see table below), LED spec here.

  • Halogen low-voltage (12V) systems provide excellent illumination and save energy

  • Frosted Stepped Glass Mini Spot Fixtures (3.5" dia.) can be hung anywhere along the cable and adjusted vertically

  • Halogen JC (natural incandescent, non-directional) bulbs shipped, interchangeable with MR16's (directional light bulbs), see picture below for more details (Note: MR16's emit reflected light thru the parabolic shield as well which will turn the color of the shade to a slightly different color: blue may become purplish and white may become orange-red, etc.)

  • Interchangeable fixtures  (see other fixtures)

  • Maximum span (50' of cable shipped in kit) between two surfaces is about 23', please allow for sufficient slack to connect to transformer, longer & thicker cable is available

  • No hard-wiring required!RemoteSwitch11.jpg (10363 bytes)

  • (Option) Plug (into standard wall outlet) and light up!   Remote Switches are available to control the plug-in setup using a remote control (see below or click here for more info!)

  • Possible to connect multiple systems together to form one continuous system. See how!

  • Optional kit available for transformer stand off connections

  • More fixtures and accessories available for purchase 

  • WARNINGS: The gauge of the upgradeable standard cable included cannot support more than 100W of load. Fixtures are rated 20W only. Contact us for more info.

  • On-line support

  • Everything you need to set up is included:


What is included!

Click on accessories to enlarge!

Click here to see how they are installed!


Click on the Cable Clamps to see how they are installed!



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