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    Designer Telescopic Halogen Desk Lamp w/Oval Color Center Caps, 35W

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Black w/Metallic Blue Center Caps, Item#L1970BL, 


Black w/Metallic Gray Center Caps, Item#L1970GY, 


  • Adjustable at joints (see pictures below)

  • Extendible vertically using the telescopic stems (Warning: Do not cross-touch these two stems using any electrical conductor. Sparks may result and lamp may suffer permanent damage)

  • Designer Features: Chrome telescopic stems, color center caps (top and base), base center cap also acts as On/Off switch

  • Perfect for night-time reading and computer desk

  • Uses 35W JC bulb (two included, one installed and one complimentary for spare) 

  • Color: Black w/Metallic Blue Center Caps

  • Color: Black w/Metallic Gray Center Caps


Black w/Metallic Blue Oval Center Caps, Item#L1970BL, Black w/Metallic Gray Oval Center Caps, Item#L1970GY(Out of Stock)


Max. Wattage: 12V, 35W
Light Bulb: Halogen JC (12VAC, G6.35)
Base: Black w/Gray or Blue Oval Cap, 6"
Stem: Chrome, Telescopic
Top: Black w/Gray or Blue Oval Cap, 4"
Switch: Blue or Gray, On/Off
Max. Height: 20"
Min. Height: N/A
Warranty: 90-Day Limited Warranty



L1287BLGR.jpg (16786 bytes)

Telescopic Halogen Desk Lamp (L1287)



942.jpg (10030 bytes)

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