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  • Vertical Stand Fan

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Vertical Stand Fan Assembly

1. Front Grille

7. Screws

2. Front Case

8. Rear Grille

3. Fan (inside case)

9. Power Cord

4. Fan Speed Switch

10. Butterfly Screws

5. Timer (optional)

11. Base

6. On/Off Oscillating Switch





How to Assemble FanAssembly1.jpg (19149 bytes)

  1. Leave the fan flat on the floor or table after taking it out of the box. 

  2. Pass the Power Cord through the hole "A" (Diagram B) while assembling the base (see #11 in Diagram A). Click Picture to Enlarge

  3. FanAssembly2.jpg (21258 bytes)The base consists of two pieces which should snap on each other easily. (#11 in Diagram A)

  4. Attach the base to the fan and pull out any Power Cord (#9) slack from under the base. (The assembled base should have a "triangular" shape indentation on top for the oscillation motor to fit in).

  5. Use the Butterfly Screws (shipped attached to the base) to secure the base to the fan.

  6. Make sure the Power Cord go through the hole "B" (Diagram B) before plugging it into any 110V outlet.

  7. Upright the fan and you are done.






Fan Speed FanSpeed.jpg (10633 bytes)


To adjust the speed, push any one of the desired buttons ( #4 in Diagram). There are 4 buttons to choose from:

OFF ----- Stop

   1    ----- Low

   2    ----- Medium

   3    ----- High

Oscillation FanOscillation.jpg (11903 bytes)


ON/OFF switch (#6 in diagram). Push down to activate the oscillation function. Push again to stop oscillation. Oscillation is deactivated when either the Fan Speed is at OFF position  or Timer (option) is set at OFF.


Wind Directions  FanDirection.jpg (15967 bytes)


Five built-in graduations to help directing airflow without moving the whole fan. For more info, see diagram on the right.


Timer (option) FanTimer.jpg (15022 bytes)


To set the desired time for the fan to stop automatically, turn the knob in clockwise direction until your desired time (120 minutes is the maximum). When the knob turns back to OFF position, the fan will stop by itself. However, when the Timer is not in use, you need to set it to ON position in order for the fan to function normally. If the Timer knob is at OFF position, the fan will cease to operate even if you push the Fan Speed buttons.






Rarely do you have to maintain or clean the fan. Unless it is damaged or it has collected too much grease inside, you do not have to open up the fan for maintenance. If you do need to open up the fan, please follow the guideline below.

Rear Guard  FanRearGuard.jpg (22947 bytes)


Remove the top screws (#7 in diagram) by turning them counter-clockwise.

Remove the protruded section (E in diagram) by the pulling the rear guard (#8 in diagram).


Front Grille  FanFrontGrille.jpg (24015 bytes)


Remove the protruded section ( C) by lifting the rib (D) and then pull the front grille (1).




Body: Use soft tissue or cloth to wipe. For grime and stain, use diluted soap water and cloth to wipe. Do not use benzene thinner or other solvents.

Fan Drums: After removing the Front Grille and the Read Guard, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside fan mechanism. In case of hard to clean grime and stain, use a soft brush. Do not remove the fan from the case. Do not use benzene or other solvents.





Do not put oil or grease on the body and the inside fan mechanism. Avoid using the fan in the kitchen for an  extended period of time. Most mal-functioning problems are caused by having too much grease inside the fan.



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