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    Gooseneck Halogen Floor Lamp  w/Center Color Caps

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Center Cap Options

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Power: 50W Max.
Rated Voltage: 120VAC/60Hz
Light Bulb: Halogen JC (12VAC, G6.35)
Base: Black w/Color Center Cap, 8"
Stem: Black, Twistable like "Snake" 
Top: Black w/Color Center Cap, 3"
Switch: Step-On, On/Off
Max. Height: 61"
Min. Height: 26"
Warranty: 90-Day Limited Warranty


  • Adjustable & Twistable at gooseneck

  • "Snake" design for flexibility and versatility

  • Uses 50W JC bulb (two included, one installed and one complimentary for spare) 930jdim.JPG (7052 bytes)

  • Step-on floor switch (On/Off) for easy access

  • Standard Center Cap color: Black

  • Optional center cap colors (metallic: green, gray, blue, mauve)

  • Optional center imprints (soccer, baseball, basketball)




Center Cap Color/Imprint
Black (Standard), #L2930BK, top and base center color caps,  Price: $62.95


Metallic Blue (#L2930BL), Metallic Green (#L2930GR), Metallic Gray (#L2930GY), top and base center color caps,  Price:$64.95

Quantity: Cap Color:

Soccer (#L2930SC), Baseball (#L2930BS), Basketball (#L2930BT), base imprint cap only,  Price:$64.95

Quantity: Imprint:


Swing-Arm Halogen Floor Lamp (L2932)



Single-Arm Halogen Floor Lamp (L2931)




930x2.jpg (14227 bytes)

Gooseneck Halogen Desk Lamp (L1930)



940.jpg (9306 bytes)

Snake (20W) Halogen Desk Lamp (L1940)



830BK.jpg (11402 bytes)

Classic Gooseneck Halogen Desk Lamp (L1830)


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