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What are the benefits for using Halogen Lighting?

  1. Halogen light bulbs emit brighter light and softer light, compared to regular incandescent light bulbs with the equivalent wattage rating.

  2. Utilizing low-voltage design for safety and more design possibilities.

  3. Save energy by using lower wattage light bulbs

What is a Hi/Lo Switch?


Lamps with Hi/Lo Switch use special transformers to achieve two levels of light output. The Hi setting is for maximum light output. The Lo setting is for dimmer light output which is used for saving energy and night time reading.


What is wattage rating?


Every lamp has light output rating (in watts). Be careful when you replace light bulb! Do not install any light bulbs that require higher rating than specified by the manufacturer. Failure to follow this guideline may damage the bulb permanently or shorten the life expectancy of the bulb.


How to change halogen light bulb?

  • turn off the lamp (if it is not already off) and wait for at least 10 minutes for the bulb to cool down

  • remove the safety tempered glass (by pushing it toward the bulb holder so as to release the clip or by removing the screws, depending on model)

  • use non-linen cloth to pull the bulb out of the bulb holder

  • use non-linen cloth to hold the replacement bulb and insert it into the holder. Make sure the bulb is tightly inserted

  • replace the safety tempered glass: rest it on the clip while pushing it to ward the bulb holder in order to make room for the glass to rest on the other end

What safety precautions that you must follow when using halogen lamp?

  • do not touch the safety glass or bulb while the lamp is on or cooling down after being turned off

  • do not hang any combustible objects on or near the lamp

  • do not drop or shake the lamp at any time

  • do not touch the bulb bare-handed (finger prints may shorten the life-expectancy of the bulb), use non-lien cloth instead

  • small children must be warned about the high operating temperature of the lamp

Why didn't the lamp turn on after taking it out of the box?

  • Check the bulb to see if it is completely inserted into the lamp holder. Pull it out. Inspect the two prongs and insert it back into the bulb holder

  • Check power source (electrical outlet) to see if the plug is completely inserted into the outlet or the outlet is usable

  • Replace the bulb with the spare bulb, if there is one that comes with the lamp, as a last resort. If it is still not working, report DOA immediately ( customer@solairco.com )

How to install the stem and the metal base for floor lamp




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