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Before Use

  • Unit is shipped in "sleeves"  packaging. Cut the outside straps. Lift up the top box. Take out all attachments. Lift the unit out of the base box.

  • Do not turn the unit on until you have left it upright for at least two hours. This is to ensure all refrigerant is inside the compressor and there is no bubble anywhere in the system.

  • Read the User Manual or browse our support pages online while you are waiting



Safety Precautions

  • Make sure you plug the unit into a working electrical outlet (110V, 60Hz). Try to avoid having another major appliance on the same circuit.

  • Do not operate the unit next to fire or inflammable substance, where there may be oil or water splashing, or under direct sunlight.

  • Do not operate the unit in a tight room or space (see Positioning).

  • Never insert any foreign objects or your fingers into the air outlets. Do not let children play with the unit at any time, idle or operating.

  • Always store the unit in an upright position on a flat surface to maintain proper compressor condition.

  • Keep the unit at least 3 feet from any major appliance to avoid electromagnetic interference.

  • Do not cover or block any air outlets or inlets with any foreign objects to avoid over-heating.

  • Do not tilt or knock over the unit while it is operating. Consult a qualified person if you have done that.

  • Avoid spraying or splashing any chemical or oil on the outside case. Otherwise, case deforming and discoloration may result.




3in1Fig10.jpg (20957 bytes)

Avoid using the unit in a tight or narrow room. Position the unit such that there is a minimum clearance on all sides (click picture to enlarge).




Cooling, Heating, and Dehumidifying

3in1Fig1.jpg (23385 bytes)

As you turn on the unit,  the refrigerant in the system (in liquid form and with low temperature and low pressure), pressurized by the compressor, turns into gas. The gas then enters into the condenser and perform a process called heat exchange. In this process, refrigerant turns back into liquid by releasing heat energy to the air (Airflow 2) and becomes cooler than before. The liquid refrigerant with cooler temperature enters into the evaporator and perform another heat exchange with the air (Airflow 1). In this process, the heat energy in the air is absorbed by the refrigerant in the evaporator and the resulting cooler air is exhaust through the front vent. Note: Airflow 1 and Airflow 2 are independent of each other.


Because the evaporator is lower in temperature than the air, water vapor will condense if the evaporator's temperature is lower than the ambient dew point. This cycle of condensation will lower the Relative Humidity of the room and thereby achieve the goal of dehumidification.

3in1Fig3.jpg (16322 bytes)  3in1Fig4.jpg (19482 bytes)

However, if the unit is used as a dehumidifier, remember to remove the air exhaust duct from the back in order to effectively dehumidify the room. If not, constant air flow from the outside (in order to compensate the air flow to the outside through the air exhaust duct) will make the dehumidifying process ineffective.


Heating function (optional in most models) is included with the intention to make this unit an all-season air-conditioning unit. Operationally, this function is just the same as other features. You can operate the fan, louver, and timer, just as you can for cooling.




 3in1Fig11.jpg (27863 bytes)  3in1Fig1213.jpg (25252 bytes)  3in1Fig141516.jpg (23009 bytes)


Removable and self-contained drain tank is provided to receive the condensation. When the evaporator's (see Cooling, Heating, and Dehumidifying) temperature is below the ambient dew point, water moisture (from the inflowing air) will condense on the outside of the evaporator and will drip down to be collected by the drain tank.


Depending on the model, drain tank size varies. Bigger tank will last longer before emptying is required. The time to pour away the water depends, not only on the size of the tank, but also on the air humidity and the dew point, among others.


To avoid the trouble of stopping the unit in order to pour away the water, a plastic flexible drain pipe is provided to drain the condensation away through a by-pass drain hole (see above picture on the right). This by-pass drainage pipe, after connected as shown in pictures, can drain the water into a bigger container or directly into a floor drain.



Exhaust Air Duct

3in1Fig2.jpg (13634 bytes)

It should be attached to the back of the unit when the unit is used as a cooler. The exhaust air duct is needed to lead the hot exhaust air out of the room in order to cool down the immediate space in front of the unit effectively (click picture to enlarge). However, air from the outside needs to come in to fill the space. Therefore, this is just a cooler and can never substantially lower the temperature of the entire room. 

3in1Fig24.jpg (17334 bytes)  3in1Fig25.jpg (17851 bytes)  3in1Fig26.jpg (22146 bytes)


There are several ways to orientate the air duct (see pictures). You need to follow the guidelines to avoid damaging the unit permanently. 

3in1Fig22.jpg (22334 bytes)  3in1Fig23.jpg (25823 bytes)




3in1Fig5.jpg (20306 bytes)  3in1Fig17.jpg (20704 bytes)  3in1Fig18.jpg (33622 bytes)

Air Filter

  • Detach the filter cover by pulling the grip (click picture to enlarge).

  • Remove the filter from the filter cover.

  • Wash the filter by immersing it gently into warm water (about 40 C) with a neutral detergent.

  • Rinse and dry the filter thoroughly

  • Attach the filter back on the filter cover by matching the built-in hooks and the holes on the filter.

  • Insert the cover bottom first and push the cover back into position.

Water Tank

3in1Fig19.jpg (16024 bytes)

  • Pull the water tank out

  • Empty the tank completely

  • Use mild detergent and warm water (about 40 C) to clean the inside and outside of the tank

  • Dry the tank thoroughly and put it back into the unit

End of Season (for Model#A7200)

3in1Fig20.jpg (14850 bytes)  3in1Fig21.jpg (40324 bytes)

  • Remove the water tank

  • Take out the plug/stopper from the plastic duct.

  • Operate the unit in Fan Mode for 12 hours until the plastic duct is dry.

  • Switch off and unplug the unit.

  • Tie up the power cord.

  • Cover the unit with a plastic bag and keep it in a dry place.

End of Season (for Model#A3200)

  • Remove the water tank

  • Clean up the inside and bottom of the unit.

  • Put the water tank back into the unit.

  • Operate the unit in Fan Mode for 12 hours to dry up the remaining moisture.

  • Switch off and unplug the unit.

  • Tie up the power cord.

  • Cover the unit with a plastic bag and keep it in a dry place.



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