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Halogen Track System w/5x 8"/ 14"/20" Straight Bars w/Clip Fixtures 

These Clips (2 1/4"), shaped like a paper clip, create a more interesting and balanced look. They are for decorative purposes only and can be used as handle to aim.



Straight Bars (8"/14"/20") Fixture w/Clip

(bulb not included)



System includes: (click on item to see details)




Transformer (Black)


Connecting Wire (Black)


20" M/F Track Section, chrome (max. length of track is 10')


Large Corner (Chrome)


Small Corner (Chrome)


Straight Bars w/Clip Fixture (Chrome)


Light Bulb (20W MR16)


Plastic Hanging Kit (Black)


End Cap (Black)


  • Do-It-Yourself Kit Set (Click here to see instructions)

  • Complete set-up kit, light bulbs included (see table)

  • Halogen low-voltage (12V) systems provide excellent illumination and save energy

  • Track (chrome) is assembled by connecting the 20" Track Sections together, you can make it turn or go in straight line, max. track length is 10' or 3M, longer track is possible by getting more 20" Track Sections (in pair)


  • 7"/14"/20" Straight Bars w/Clip (chrome, L18-72N/4N/75N) Fixtures can be adjusted in any direction, max. horizontal rotational angle is 360, max. vertical rotational angle is 360, any direction on anywhere along the track, unbelievably flexible

  • Halogen MR16 (directional) bulbs shipped, see picture below for details

  • Interchangeable fixtures  (see other fixtures)

  • 10' (3M) of track (expandable/extendible)

  • Transformer connections can be made anywhere along the track, Connecting Wires provided to make the connections

  • Ceiling or wall mounting (L-Shape and ceiling-mount shown above)

  • Other mounting options (may need additional parts): L-Shape, I-Shape (straight), S-Shape/Zig-Zag and U-Shape  (90 turns only), T-Shape, H-Shape, and E-Shape

  • Transformer Upgrades: 105W or 200W, black or chrome finish  (see all upgrades below)

  • System expandable and upgradeable by purchasing additional parts and accessories


Power (Transformer):

105W Max., 12V, Hardwired, Magnetic, #L-TR105

Rated Voltage:



Straight Bars w/Clip, chrome, #L18-74N (14") & #L18-75N (20")

Track Section:

Chrome, 20" M/F, L18-MF5

Connecting Wire: Extra Flexible, 14 AWG, 105C, Black, #L18-CW
Connector: Chrome, #L18-CWC

Hanging Kit:

Plastic, Black, W3"xH4", #L18-HK

End Cap: 3", Plastic, Black, #L18-EC

Light Bulb:

Halogen MR16, 20W, 12VAC, BAB, Flood, Lensed, UV Protected, #L-MR16/20W


90-Day Limited Warranty




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