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How to Install Transformer (Ceiling/Wall Mounting)


  1. Although you can easily install this track system yourself, we recommend that installation be done by a local licensed electrician.

  2. It is utmost important to turn off the power to the ceiling outlet before installation. We also recommend that you should test if the power had been turned off by a reliable electricity gauge or other approved testing devices before installation

  3. Do not put any conductors across the tracks (as shown in Diagram C below). This will cause over-heating and damage the bulbs and the transformer permanently.

Diagram A



Installation Instructions

Step 1.   Remove the U-Shape metal plate from the transformer before mounting. Mount the  U-Shape metal plate to the ceiling outlet box as shown (Diagram B) using the screws (not provided) inside the ceiling outlet box (note: different outlet box may have different set of screws).

Diagram B

Step 2.  Connect electrical wires as shown in Diagram B. Connect wires from power supply (see Diagram A above) and those from the transformer by matching "Hot" from the ceiling outlet to the black wire or any 1 of 2 brown or orange wires, "Ground" to yellow/green, and "Neutral" to the white/black wire or the other  brown or orange wire (See Diagram B above). You may connect the "Ground" wire from the ceiling box to the screw on the U-Shape metal plate directly. Note: the above wire colors may be different from actual colors shipped or installed in your ceiling box. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician or our support staff at support@solairco.com.

Warning: Make sure the Ground wires are connected for safety

Step 3.  Mount transformer to the metal plate as shown (Diagram C) using the two screws provided.

Diagram C

Step 4.  Connect the two low voltage Connecting Wires from the Terminal Blocks on the bottom of the transformer to the track as shown (Diagram C). Make sure the low voltage Connecting Wires are long enough to connect to the tracks.



Transformer Specifications:

Product : Track Light System
Factory Model No.: ELT-18-60W, ELT-18-80W, ELT-18-100W
Rated voltage: 120V 60HZ
Power:   60W Max (3 x 20W), 100W Max (5 x 20W), 105W Max (3 x 35W)
Halogen Bulb: 
MR-16:      12V, AC, 20W/35W
MR-11:      12V, AC, 20W/35W
JC:      12V, AC, 20W/35W




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